The Alpaca Race 15th of june 2019

The Alpaca Race 2019

Results 2019:

Resultat Alpaca 2019




15 of june 2019:

  • 24H Starts at 7am the 15 of june

You should complete as many loops as possible before 7 am the 16 of june.

If you want to run shorter you can also start every hour between 8am to 12am 15th of june.

ITRA points for 2, 4, 6, 10 and 13 loops (for 10 to 13 loops maximum time is 30 hours)

Maximum 50 runners are accepted

You sign up by sendning an email to:

Then you will be asked to pay 150 kr or 15 euro and after that your are signed up.


The 10,6 km long loop in Hisingsparken and the profile:

The Alpaca race course

The Alpaca race profil


This technical course was drawn as a part of my preparation trying to reach the finishline in UTMB 2017.

I wanted to train in my near surroundings with approximately the same ascent and descent/km as in the UTMB.

It is quite a challenge when ”Hisingsparken” I live nearby in Gothenburg has a highest point that is lower then 100m over sealevel. 😀

But I suceeded! The result is a very demanding 10 km loop and the Alpaca race uses this loop.

1 competitions a has been held on the course. 15-16th of june 2018.

Resultat The Alpaca race 2018:

1.Joakim Glenn Kopka 3 loopar (6h 22 min)
1. Fredrik Reinhold, 3 loopar (6 h 22 min)

1. Anders Dahlgren, 6 loopar (11h 41 min)
1.Fredrik Sandén6 loopar (11h 41 min)
3.Simon Gustafson, 5 loopar (9h 47 min)
4. Johan Dahlgren, 4 loopar (10h )
5. Oscar Berg, 3 loopar (5h 32 min)
6. Gustav Trägårdh, 3 loopar (5 h 37 min)
7. Ulf Lunnhed, 1 loop, 1h 20 min)